Thursday, May 1, 2008

Welcome Message

Welcome Family and Friends!

We’ve created this website to (hopefully!) be a useful resource to our guests who will be joining us in August at Lake Junaluska for our wedding. Since many of you have either never been there or haven't been in a long time, we thought you might like to have us do some of the research on the area for you. (However, we do a have a little disclaimer about this blog!)

Betsy never actually imagined creating a wedding website – and Michael asked, “You want to make what?” But here it is! Like we already mentioned, we made it in hopes of being helpful to our wedding guests. We aren’t exactly tech-savvy when it comes to making websites; however, we think we’ve found a workable, user-friendly format (that of course, if you know much about Betsy, is completely free!). Yet, if you can’t find something you need to know, please post a comment on the blog or email us for some assistance.

You may want to look into lodging options early to ensure you are able to reserve the room/house of your choice. You can find links to information about lodging in the Lake Junaluska area on this website, as well as in more detail in the "Details for Our Guests" section of our webpage at (It is password protected. If you need the password, email Betsy for help.)

The other important information you need to know is how to get to Lake Junaluska. We've listed directions from most of the major areas from which guests will be coming, as well as airport information. If you need to know something more, please let us know.

It is likely that we’ll continue to update the blog and the information on our webpage at So, come back to visit anytime! You can also subscribe to get the updates for the blog in a reader or via email. We'll keep this welcome message as the post that is listed first. When you are looking for updates, be sure to look immediately below this message.

Please sign our guest book (again, you need the password). It's been fun for us to read all of the comments!

If this will be your first time to Lake Junaluska, take a look at some of our photos to see what's in store for you in Western North Carolina.

We're excited about inviting you to this special place for this special occasion! We hope you'll be able to plan some more special time on your own in this very beautiful area of the country.

Looking forward to seeing you in August!

Michael & Betsy

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